Absorptive Silencers

At ARK, we manufacture high quality silencers with high insertion loss ratings,
superior manufacturing and weld quality for all applications.

Our product offerings:

ST15 Series – Straight through flow ( ~ 15 dB Transmission Loss)

AF25 Series – Annular flow ( ~ 25 dB Transmission Loss)

AF35 Series – Annular flow ( ~ 35 dB Transmission Loss)

Duct/Vent Silencers ( ~ 30 dB Transmission Loss)

ARK NoiseLAG – Removable Acoustical Blanket with 8 dB Transmission Loss.

 Boiler Silencer Manufacturer

Case Study 1: AF25 Series Absorptive Silencer Application: Engine Exhaust Silencer for large Cummins engine

Boiler Silencer Manufacturer

Unsilenced SPL: 109 dB
Boiler Silencer Manufacturer

Silenced SPL: 81.8 dB

Insertion Loss achieved: 27.2 dB

Case Study 2: Duct/Vent Silencer

Application: Silencer for the UPS Exhaust at Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd.
The Problem:

 Boiler Silencer Manufacturer
 Boiler Silencer Manufacturer

The Solution:

 Safety Valve Silencer Manufacturer

SPL before: 97.7 dB
SPL after  : 71.8 dB
Insertion Loss: 25.9 dB

Advantages that we offer:

Guaranteed Noise Reduction with 15+, 25+ and 35+ Insertion Loss Ratings

Reduced length of silencer for the same Insertion Loss

Superior, Export-worthy manufacturing & welding quality

Reduced back-pressure in silencers

Economical solutions

Boiler Silencer Manufacturer


Rotary/Centrifugal Blowers

Ventilation System Silencers


Gas Turbines

Boiler Safety-Valve Silencer

HVAC Ducts

UPS Exhausts

Boiler Blow-off Valve Silencer

Engine (DG Set) Exhaust

Steam Vent Silencers