ARK Manufactures Room Acoustical Panel treatment for Engine and Compressor Test Cells and Noise control treatment for Compressor Houses with Transmissions Losses of up to 35 dB Without Concrete wall backing and 50+ dB with Concrete wall backing.

We have achieved the following results for Transmission Loss Rating using our Super-Absorptive Acoustical Panels, which are developed using our proprietary invention – Multi-Absorptive Technology, while achieving Reverberation Time of less than 0.5 Seconds inside the Acoustic Test Cell.

Transmission Loss Ratings for Room Acoustical Treatment Panels
Panel Model No. Transmission Loss Rating
(Without concrete wall backing)
Transmission Loss Rating
(With Concrete wall backing)
ARK 50SR 25 40+
ARK 100SR 30 45+
ARK 150SR 30 45+

We also provide

Silenced Ventilation Systems equipped with Air intake Silencer and Exhaust Silencers
for the acoustical test cells with Transmission Loss Rating of 30+ dB.

Very Low Reverberation Time of 0.5~0.7 Seconds is achieved inside the Acoustic Test cell,
so that the Engine/Compressor Noise is not amplified because of reflections.
This is done with Super-Absorptive Acoustical Panels designed with Multi-Absorptive Technology.

Why Us?

Guaranteed Noise Reduction

Transmission Loss > 30+ & 40+ dB
Reverberation Time < 0.7 Seconds
Super-Absorptive Acoustical Panels

Highest, Export worthy Manufacturing Quality

Silenced Ventilation System included

FREE FFT Analysis of your Engine/Compressor prior to designing the Acoustical Panels is conducted.

We prove the results that were promised at the beginning of the project using FFT Analysis after the completion of the project.

acoustical test cells

Want to see the PROOF of the results that we have achieved with our Completed Projects?

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