Important aspects in Acoustical Design of an Auditorium / Cinema Hall

  • Very low Ambient noise - <40 dB
  • Reverberation Time suitable to application-
    • Speech – 0.4~0.8 Seconds
    • Music – 0.7~0.9 Seconds
    • Opera - > 1 Second
  • Transmission Loss Rating of walls – 50+ dB
  • Absorption Treatment of walls and ceiling designed to achieve a very evenly distributed Sound Pressure Levels at any location inside
          the auditorium.
          (Within a range of +/- 0.5 dB)

Acoustical Defects that can arise in Auditoriums/Cinema Halls

Excess Reverberation Time

Due to the large size of the Auditoriums, in absence of sufficient amount of strategically placed Sound absorptive surfaces, it takes longer for the sound to die down inside the room and causes extra echoes, and destroys the intelligibility of speech or clarity of music.

Fluttering Echoes

Opposing Parallel walls which cause reflections that travel to and fro in between the opposing walls causes fluttering echoes to be present inside the hall.

Delayed Echoes –

Wrong placement of speakers where there is a large distance between the speaker and the listener, in presence of reflective surfaces causes the listener to hear the reflections of sound distinctly which follow the direct sound.

Low Transmission Loss –

Low Transmission Loss Rating of the walls and the doors can cause outside noise to spoil the ambient noise levels inside the auditorium. The walls of the auditorium should be designed to provide 50+ dB of Transmission Loss Rating.

Unevenly distributed Sound Pressure Levels –

wrong speaker placement and calibration can cause unevenly distributed sound pressure levels inside the auditorium and that creates live spots at some seats where the sound is extra loud, and dead spots at some of the seats where sound is not loud enough.

We provide PROVEN Acoustic design solution to cure all of the Acoustical Defects and achieve the ‘Perfect’ acoustical field inside the Auditorium and achieve the following parameters :

  • Reverberation Time : 0.7~1 Seconds
  • Transmission Loss Rating of walls : 50+ dB
  • Very Low Noise Build-up tendency even when the restaurant is FULL
  • Extremely evenly distributed Sound Pressure Level at any location within your restaurant (within +/- 0.5 dB)
  • No Fluttering or Delayed Echoes
  • Excellent Speech/Music Intelligibility and Clarity
  • We take STIPA Test at multiple locations inside the Auditorium.

Advantages We Offer :

  • Qualified Acoustical Consultant with M.S. (Acoustics & Vibrations)
  • Standardized and Reasonable consultancy charges
  • We work with your existing Architect/Carpenter/Interior Decorator
  • Lower overall project cost as we do not push for any particular brand of manufacturer of Acoustical Materials.
  • Your Banquet Hall would be designed by India’s leading Acoustical Consultant
  • PROVEN Results for all previous project
  • FREE Acoustical Testing to prove the results that were promised

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