Primary requirements of a Complete & Satisfactory experience at your Banquet Hall

Good aesthetics with spaciousness ( )

Caterer with great quality food ( )

Low background noise (Quarrel noise) due to 100s of people talking simultaneously (?)

Clarity and audibility of Music/Speech on the Speaker system (?)

Low Echo (Reverberation Time) (?)

Noise inside the hall should not attract neighbour’s complaints & Vice Versa (?)

Acoustical Defects that might be leaving your customers with an unpleasant experience!!

It’s too Noisy and Chaotic

Cocktail party phenomenon, which is observed in Most of the Banquet Halls in India, is caused due to lack of sound absorption inside the hall. When there are 100s of people in the hall, each group of people start conversing at higher Sound Pressure Levels due to lack of audibility and this phenomenon repeats at every table, and your Banquet Hall ends up sounding like a Fish Market.

Excess Echo

Due to lack of absorption in the room, it generates a classic acoustical defect of Excess Reverberation time. Ideally, The banquet hall should have a reverberation time of 0.7~1 Seconds. But without proper Acoustic design, large banquet halls can have Reverberation Time as large as 4 seconds, which drastically reduces the clarity of the music, and the speeches made on the speaker system in the hall are incomprehensible which leads to an unenjoyable experience for your guests!

Noisy Neighbours or Neighbour’s Complaints

Host a big fat Indian wedding and your guests are bound to make some noise that can exceed 100 dB at times and attract some complaints from the neighbours! Or otherwise, it does also happen often, that your guests inside the hall are bothered by the noise outside the hall traffic noise or honking or due to noisy neighbours! The Banquet hall walls,doors and windows should be designed to have Transmission Loss Rating of 30+ dB to avoid this acoustic defect.

Live Spots or Dead spots

Lack of absorption inside the hall and wrongly arranging the speakers can create some places inside the hall where the Volume of Speech/Music that is being played on the speakers extra loud, and also creates some spots where the Speech/Music is not clearly audible! The banquet or Conference hall should be designed in such a way that Sound Pressure Level of the Speech/Music at ANY location within the hall should be within a limit of +/- 0.5 dB.

We Can Help!!!

We provide PROVEN Acoustic design solution to cure all of the Acoustical Defects and achieve the ‘Perfect’ acoustical field inside your Banquet with following parameters :

  • Reverberation Time : 0.7~1 Seconds
  • Transmission Loss Rating of walls : 30+ dB
  • Very Low Noise Build-up tendency even when the restaurant is FULL
  • Extremely evenly distributed Sound Pressure Level at any location within your restaurant (within +/- 0.5 dB)
  • Improved Density Music

Design Consultancy:

  • Qualified Acoustical Consultant with M.S. (Acoustics & Vibrations)
  • Standardized and Reasonable consultancy charges
  • We work with your existing Architect/Carpenter/Interior Decorator
  • Improved Aesthetics of your Banquet Hall
  • Your Banquet Hall would be designed by India’s leading Acoustical Consultant
  • PROVEN Results for all previous project
  • FREE Acoustical Testing to prove the results that were promised

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