What is necessary for a Complete and Satisfactory experience at your restaurant?

  • Great Food
  • Great Aesthetic Ambiance
  • Low background noise due to other tables( ? )
  • Privacy for table conversations( ? )
  • Ability to have conversations amongst the group without having to scream over the       music and background noise ( ? )
  • Appropriate speaker configuration to avoid extra loud spots for certain tables ( ? )

Acoustical Defects that might be driving your customers away!!!

It’s too Noisy and Chaotic !

Cocktail party phenomenon, which is observed in Most of the restaurants in India, is caused due to lack of sound absorption inside a particular room. When your restaurant is FULL, each group of people at different tables start conversing at higher Sound Pressure Levels due to lack of audibility and this phenomenon repeats at every table, and your restaurant ends up sounding like a Fish Market.

Couldn’t enjoy the music!

You may get the best speakers in the world that money can buy, however an improper Acoustical Design of your restaurant can destroy the PERFORMANCE and CLARITY of the music! Excess reverberation time for any room leads to lack of clarity of music, and most certainly leads to an unenjoyable experience for your guest!

Couldn’t converse at all!

This is a sub-defect of the acoustical defect already mentioned above. Due to loss of clarity in Music, most of the Restaurants tend to increase the volume of music, and this makes having any conversations almost impossible! This discourages the customers to re-visit your Restaurant/Lounge and even Discos. If Customers can’t enjoy a conversation over a meal, they will try to escape the noise because it is an unpleasant experience. This directly affects your business. The observed fact is that people will stay and consume more when the ambiance is perfect

Neighbour’s complaints!!

Do your neighbours complain when you play loud music inside your restaurant? Low Transmission Loss Rating of walls, windows & Doors is the most commonly observed acoustical defect. You have every right to play loud music inside your restaurant! The Acoustic Design of the walls, doors and windows has to be made accordingly.

We provide PROVEN Acoustic design solution to cure all of the Acoustical Defects and achieve the ‘Perfect’ acoustical field inside your restaurant with following parameters

  • Reverberation Time : 0.7~1 Seconds
  • Transmission Loss Rating of walls : 30+ dB
  • Very Low Noise Build-up tendency even when the restaurant is FULL
  • Extremely evenly distributed Sound Pressure Level at any location within your restaurant      (within +/- 0.5 dB)
  • Improved Density Music

Advantages that we offer :

  • Qualified Acoustical Consultant with M.S. (Acoustics & Vibrations)
  • Standardized and Reasonable consultancy charges
  • We work with your existing Architect/Carpenter/Interior Decorator
  • Improved Aesthetics of your Restaurant
  • Lower overall project cost as we do not push for any particular brand of manufacturer of       Acoustical Materials.
  • Your Restaurant would be designed by India’s leading Acoustical Consultant
  • PROVEN Results for all previous project
  • FREE Acoustical Testing to prove the results that were promised

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