ARK is India’s Leading manufacturer and exporter of Acoustical Enclosures when it comes to achieving the highest Noise Reduction. With Experience of 30+ Years and 1000+ Projects, ARK has manufactured Acoustical Enclosures for Pumps, Compressors, Presses and Engines and many other type of Machinery over the last 30 years.

ARK provides Acoustical Enclosures with variety of Acoustical Panels with PROVEN Transmission Loss Ratings of 20+ dB, 30+ dB and even 40+ dB of ACTUAL Noise Reduction.

Acoustical Enclosure

We provide guaranteed noise reduction for ANY kind of Industrial Noise Control problem of up to 130 dB Sound Pressure Level.

Compressors Pumps

Noise Hood Enclosure Manufacturer

Grinding Machines

Noise Hood Enclosure Manufacturer


Noise Hood Enclosure Manufacturer

Stamping Machines

Noise Hood Enclosure Manufacturer

Large Machinery

Noise Hood Enclosure Manufacturer

At ARK, We have consistently exported more than 90% of the Acoustical Enclosures that we have manufactured for last 3 consecutive financial years.

ARK Provides EXPORT WORTHY Manufacturing quality in terms of Precision fabrication, Finish, High painting quality with Guaranteed results so that you are confident that you are providing your valuable customer the highest quality product.

Acoustical Panel Transmission Loss Rating Practically Achieved* Suitability for Noise Sources with Sound Levels# Technology used for Design Suitability for Applications
ARK 50S 20~25 dB 85~95 dB ARK Multi-Absorptive Technology Large Pumps, Steam Turbines
ARK 100S 28~32 dB 95~105 dB ARK Multi-Absorptive Technology Compressors, Presses, Stamping Machines, Blowers
ARK 150S 33~37 dB 105~115 dB ARK Multi-Absorptive Technology Gas Turbines, Compressors, Presses
ARK 50S2 38~42 dB 115+ dB ARK Multi-Absorptive Technology High Pressure Valves, Gas Turbines, Any applications with high transmission loss requirement.
What our competitors offer (50~100mm Thick panels) 10~15 dB 85~90 dB Max. 48/64/96 KG/m3 Density Rockwool/PU foam i.e. Cheaper materials. ?

*Results vary depending upon the number of cutouts on the proposed enclosure.
#Assumption that the Noise Level has to be reduced below 75 dBA.

ARK Noise Control is the leading acoustic enclosure manufacturer in India. With highly experienced in-house experts qualified from USA, ARK provides guaranteed and proven solution for any kind of industrial noise control project. Almost 90% of the Acoustic Enclosures manufactured at ARK were supplied for export projects in countries all over the world for the past several years.

We manufacture acoustic enclosures with sound transmission loss ratings from 15 dB to 40+ dB at Site Conditions with reduced thickness of Acoustic Panels. This is achieved by incorporating our proprietary Multi Absorptive Technology in all of our products, preventing transmission of high as well as low frequency sound waves. All acoustic enclosures manufactured at ARK are customized as per the customer’s requirement designed to achieve the optimum results for a given problem.

The basic purpose of providing acoustic hood to any machine is that a close fit enclosure always helps to cut down the noise level at the noise source itself.These can be used for various applications, such as:

  • Compressor Enclosure
  • Gas Turbine Enclosure
  • Steam Turbine Enclosure
  • Mechanical Press Enclosure
  • Hydraulic Press Enclosure
  • Engines and DG Set Enclosure
  • Heavy Machinery Enclosure
  • Pump Enclosure
  • Sound Proof Cabin
  • Acoustic Hood for Test Cell
  • ARK manufactures acoustic enclosure / sound proof enclosures with high aesthetic finish and export worthy manufacturing quality. With more than 30 years of experience, ARK Noise Control is the one-stop-shop trusted by top global companies to solve their noise problems.

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