Noise Mapping:

What is Noise Mapping?

A Noise Map is a coloured graphic representation showing distribution of noise levels on an industrial/residential layout drawing of any size, for a defined period.

Noise Mapping is particularly important in assessing the effects of various noise sources and deciding the noise mitigation plan based on cost-benefit analysis.

Why should I conduct Noise Mapping of my Industrial Shop Floor?

Noise Mapping pin-points the sources of noise on an entire shop floor.

Noise Mapping helps in determining the major-impact sources from minor-impact sources of noise.

Treating the major-impact sources of noise first can bring down the overall noise level and reduce the cost of the Acoustical Treatment.

Services that we offer:

Noise Mapping of Industrial/Residential Premises.

Consultancy on Industrial/Residential Noise Control.

Turn-key solutions for Industrial/Residential Noise Control.