Athalye Group

Athalye Group was established by Mr. K. V. Athalye, in the year 1984, when ARK Thermal Insulation Engineering & Trading company was first formed, with a goal of becoming the market leader in the areas of Thermal Insulation Engineering & Industrial Noise Control. Today, we proudly say that ARK offers the best technical expertise in India in our chosen areas and can take up the most challenging projects!

Currently, Athalye Group comprises of 3 Companies that are considered as leaders when it comes to Technical Expertise in their fields.

ARK Thermal Insulation Engineering & Trading co.

Established 1984

ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre

Established 2000

ARK Acoustical Consultancy Services

Established 2012

ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre

ARK Noise Control Engineering Centre manufactures GUARANTEED Industrial Noise Control products with PROVEN Transmission Loss Ratings. Also, we are one of the very few companies in the world that conduct detailed Acoustical Testing with FFT Analyzer for each and every enclosure/silencer that we manufacture, thus testifying the results that we commit to our valuable customers.

About Chintan Athalye

Chintan Athalye (Proprietor, ARK Acoustical Consultancy Services) completed his Master’s Degree (MS – Mechanical Engineering) with specialization in ‘Acoustics & Vibrations’. All of our Acoustical Panels with PROVEN Transmission Loss Ratings have been designed and tested in ARK’s Anechoic Chamber facility by Chintan Athalye.

Products and Services that we offer

Acoustical Enclosures

  • ARK 50S – 20+ dB Transmission Loss
  • ARK 100S – 30+ dB Transmission Loss
  • ARK 150S – 35+ dB Transmission Loss
  • ARK 50S2 – 40+ dB Transmission Loss

ARK NoiseLAG – Removable Acoustical Blanket

  • Pumps
  • Turbines
  • Valves

Room Acoustical Treatment

  • Engine Test Cells
  • Compressor/Turbine Test Cells