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ARK Noise Control - India is a leading manufacturer & exporter of acoustic enclosures / noise hoods / canopies.
Having highly experienced in-house experts qualified from USA, ARK provides guaranteed and proven solution for any kind of industrial noise control project.


More than 70% of the Acoustic Enclosures manufactured at ARK have been supplied for export projects in countries all over the world, for the past several years.

We manufacture Acoustic Enclosures for optimum sound transmission loss rating required for the project, with reduced wall-thickness of Acoustic Panels. This is achieved by incorporating our proprietary Multi-Absorptive Technology in all of our products, preventing transmission of high as well as low frequency sound waves.

ARK's Acoustic Enclosures / Noise Hoods can be effectively used for various applications, such as:

  • Pump Enclosure

  • Compressor Enclosure

  • Motor Enclosure

  • Steam Turbine Enclosure

  • Gas Turbine Enclosure

  • Mechanical Press Enclosure

  • Hydraulic Press & Power Pack Enclosure

  • Ball Mill Enclosure

  • Engine Enclosure

  • DG Set Enclosure

  • Stamping Machine Enclosure

  • Blower Enclosure / MVR Fan Enclosure

  • Noise Test Booth

  • Gearbox Enclosure

  • Acoustic Testing Booth

  • Sound Proof Cabin

ARK Provides EXPORT WORTHY Quality in terms of:

- Precision Manufacturing
- Painting (Indoor / Outdoor / Corrosive Environment)

- Aesthetic Finish
- Guaranteed Results
- Sea-worthy Export Packing

so that you are confident of providing your valuable customer the highest quality product.

Unique advantages of ARK's Acoustic Enclosures :


- Installation & Maintenance Friendly

- Modular Design & Bolted Construction
(Zero Welding required at site)


- Acoustic Test with Frequency Spectrum Analysis conducted prior to dispatch

- Entire 'Clear Area' inside the enclosure

- Any acoustic panel / structural member can be selectively removed for easy maintenance 

Send an enquiry

Send us the RFQ for your requirements of Acoustic Enclosures! 

Make sure to include the below inputs requited to quote for your requirement. 

  • Size of the Acoustic Enclosure (L x W x H in mm)

  • Type of machine installed inside

  • Noise level inside the enclosure (dBA)

  • Noise Level required outside the enclosure at 1-meter distance (usually 85 dBA)

  • Heat Load of the equipment (kW)

  • Installation location

With more than 38 years of experience & 1000+ successfully completed projects and Installation in over 45 countries in the world, ARK Noise Control - India is the one-stop-shop trusted by leading global OEMs, EPC Contractors & Project-owners / End-users to solve their noise related problems

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