Long term exposure to higher noise levels than allowable dosages defined in Occupational Hazards and Safety standards, or other multiple international safety standards, can have serious health impacts. It is recommended that 8-Hour Noise dosage faced by any human being should be less than 80 dBA. To ensure this, individual noise levels at a 1-meter distance from the equipment must also be maintained below 80 dBA or 85 dBA. 


ARK’s optimally designed offerings for industrial noise control provide a GUARANTEED Noise Reduction with Transmission Loss Ratings of the products measured on FFT Analyzer (Frequency Spectrum analysis) in front of our customer's quality inspectors. This way, you are sure about receiving the 'right' product for your project requirement. 





| Pump / Pump-Motor Assemblies

| Compressors / Blowers

| Gas Turbines
| Steam Turbine & Steam Turbine Generators
| Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses

| Large Engines
| Stamping Presses
| Ball Mills

| Large Noisy Machinery









| Pressure Safety Valve

| Steam Vent / Start-up Vent

| Steam Warm-up Vent

| Steam blowing

| Air Blow-Off Valve
| Engine Exhaust
| PA Fan / SA Fan / ID Fan / FD Fan
| Any industrial application




Close-fit, Removable, Re-installable Acoustical + Thermal Insulation Jacket that reduces Noise emitted by the equipment at the source itself by 6~10 dB, and also achieves thermal insulation. 



| Pumps

| Compressors

| Turbines
| Valves
| Gearboxes