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Steam Vent, Blow Off and Engine Exhaust Silencers

ARK Noise Control - India is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Absorptive and Reactive type silencers for following applications :
- Boilers (Steam Vent, Warm-up Vent, Steam Blowing Silencers, Drum PSV Silencers)

 - Compressor Inlet, Discharge and Blow-off

 - Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine Exhaust

 - Pressure Safety-Valve

 - Engine Exhaust Silencers (With Spark Arrestor)


ARK supplies silencers designed as per 'ASME Sec VIII Div. I' Design code & Manufactured by 'ASME Sec IX approved Welders'.

Sound Pressure Level generated by an unsilenced pressurized gas release is in the range of 130~150 dBA if measured directly in the line of flow. ARK offers two variants in silencers to reduce the Noise levels to the following noise levels as per project requirement :

  • Noise level (SPL) reduced below 110 dBA

  • Noise level (SPL) reduced below 85 dBA

  • Any specific noise level as per project requirement

ARK's Steam / Blow-Off / Gas Silencers can be effectively used for various applications, such as:

  • Drum Safety Valve Silencer

  • Start-up Vent Silencer

  • Warm-up Vent Silencer

  • Steam Blowing Silencer

  • Gas Turbine Outlet Silencer

  • PA Fan Silencers / SA Fan Silencers

  • Silencers for Steam Turbine applications

  • Blow-Off Silencer

  • Compressor Discharge Silencer

  • Compressor Inlet Silencer

  • Engine Exhaust Silencer

  • ID Fan Silencer / FD Fan Silencer

ARK provides EXPORT WORTHY Quality in terms of :

- Superior design of Silencer Internals & Diffuser
- Painting (Indoor / Outdoor / Corrosive Environment)

- Aesthetic Finish
- Welding Quality (ASME Section IX certified Welders)
- Sea-worthy Export Packing

so that you are confident of providing your valuable customer the highest quality product.

Unique advantages of ARK's Silencers :


- Multiple instances of sound reflections back to the source
- Designed for low exit velocity (lower noise level)

- Superior design of the Inlet Diffuser
- Acoustically Designed Weather Cowl
- Multi-Stage expansion

Engine Exhaust Silencer - Horizontal.jpg

Request a Quote

Send us the following inputs required to quote for your requirement for a silencer : 

  • Design Pressure (Bar g)

  • Design Temperature (Deg C)

  • Mass flow rate and type of media (E.g. Kg/Sec and Air/Steam)

  • SPL (dBA) required at Silencer exit

With more than 35 years of experience & 1000+ successfully completed projects and Installation in over 30 countries all over the world, ARK Noise Control - India is the one-stop-shop trusted by top global companies to solve their noise related problems

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