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| Easily removable, re-installation & efficient Acoustic Insulation Blanket usable for Continuous Temperatures of up to 250 °C / 550 °C. 

| Applicable to any complex surface geometry

| Reduces Noise level of the Pump/ Compressor/ Turbine/ Gearbox/ Valve / any other equipment by up to 8~10 dB

| Long Life, with no drop in performance due to aging

| Can be reused multiple times, which makes it cost-effective as compared to Conventional or Spray Insulation

| Dual purpose Thermal & Noise Insulation jackets


| Pumps
| Compressors
| Steam & Gas Turbines
| Gearboxes
| Valves
| Any Noisy Equipment

ARK HeatLAG / NoiseLAG has been successfully installed on to 500+ Pumps, Turbines, Compressors, Gearboxes & other equipment, with a track record of ZERO customer complaints in the last 15+ years! 

Send an Enquiry

Send us the RFQ for your requirement for any Rotary Equipment Noise reduction by 6~10 dBA! Make sure to send us the below inputs required in order to send a techno-commercial offer! 

  • Dimensional GA drawing of the equipment

  • Noise Level of the equipment (dBA)

  • Noise Level required at 1-meter distance (usually 85 dBA)

  • Installation Location

| ARK NoiseLAG has long lifespan of 10+ Years

| ARK NoiseLAG effectively reduces the noise level of the equipment at the source itself and acts as a dual purpose thermal + noise insulation.

| ARK NoiseLAG can be disassembled & installed quickly and saves significant time during maintenance/ breakdown of equipment.

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