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Understanding the Role of Modular Acoustic Enclosures in Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise is a significant issue that can originate from various sources, including machinery, processes, and human activities. Controlling this noise is crucial to comply with regulatory standards, protect worker health, and maintaining a productive work environment. One of the most effective ways to manage this issue is through the use of modular acoustic enclosures. In this blog post, we will try to focus on the Role of Modular Acoustic Enclosures and what results to expect with their use. #IndustrialNoise #NoiseControl

What is an Acoustic Enclosure?

An acoustic enclosure is a structure designed to reduce, reflect, or absorb sound waves, thereby controlling the emission of noise from a source. They are usually placed around or in close proximity to the noise source, such as machinery or equipment, to provide a soundproof barrier. Acoustic Enclosure is installed in between the user and the machinery, in order to isolate them from each other. In most cases, the machine is installed inside the acoustic enclosure and the user is located outside. In certain rare cases, the machinery is also kept outside the enclosure and the users to control them sit inside the sound-proof cabin / acoustic enclosure which is usually a cheaper way of achieving the required results, especially when the users do not need to move around the shop floor.

Acoustic Enclosure for a Centrifugal Gas Compressor
Acoustic Enclosure for a Centrifugal Gas Compressor

How Do Acoustic Enclosures Work?

Acoustic enclosures work by employing materials that either absorb sound waves or reflect them back towards the source. The interior of these enclosures typically incorporates sound-absorbing materials covered with a protective perforated sheet covering that reduces the overall noise level. The noise that enters the enclosure is absorbed, leading to a quieter exterior environment. #Soundproofing

Introduction to Modular Acoustic Enclosures

Modular acoustic enclosures are a specific type of acoustic enclosure characterized by their flexibility and adaptability. They can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured to accommodate different machinery or changes in the industrial process. As against fully welded acoustic enclosures, modular enclosures are very easy to install. One of the major advantages that they provide is that they can also be designed in such a way that the connected pipelines do not need to be removed for installing the acoustic enclosures. #ModularEnclosures

Classification of Modular Acoustic Enclosures

Modular acoustic enclosures are typically classified into two main types: close-fit and walk-in. Close-fit enclosures are designed with around 300mm of clear space around the machine. On the other hand, walk-in type enclosures provide at least 800mm of clear space around the machine and have a ceiling height of at least 2000mm so that it is comfortable for any person to walk inside. This design allows enough room for personnel to enter the enclosure for maintenance or repair tasks. #CloseFitEnclosures #WalkInEnclosures

Benefits of Using Close-Fit and Walk-In Acoustic Enclosures

Close-fit enclosures are compact and efficient, ideal for environments where space is at a premium. They effectively control noise without significantly impacting the workspace. Walk-in enclosures, on the other hand, offer the added advantage of accessibility. Their design allows for easy maintenance and inspection of the enclosed machinery, contributing to safer and more efficient operations. Being of smaller size than the walk-in type enclosures, they are also relatively cheaper than the walk-in type enclosures in terms of initial cost. #NoiseReduction

Benefits of Using Modular Acoustic Enclosures

Modular enclosures, whether close-fit or walk-in, offer numerous benefits. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them highly adaptable to changing needs, especially considering the end user's maintenance requirements. Acoustic Panels of modular enclosures can be removed selectively which allows the user to create an opening for maintenance, wherever required. #ModularBenefits

The Practicality of Modular Enclosures

Modular acoustic enclosures are practical solutions for situations that require frequent changes, such as machinery upgrades, process modifications, or frequent maintenance. They can be easily dismantled or even relocated, making them a versatile choice for dynamic industrial environments and an option of choice for machinery like Compressors, Pumps, Steam Turbines etc.

Applications of Modular Acoustic Enclosures

Modular acoustic enclosures find application across various industries and machinery types. From power generators and centrifugal compressors to heavy machinery in manufacturing plants such as mechanical presses, these enclosures are a popular choice for effective noise control. Typically, small-sized pumps work well with close-fit acoustic enclosures. For Centrifugal compressors which are larger in size, modular and walk-in type enclosures are preferred. #AcousticApplications

Choosing the Right Acoustic Enclosure

Choosing the right acoustic enclosure involves considering factors such as the level of noise reduction required, the physical space available, and the specific type of noise being produced. It's important to work with an experienced manufacturer of Acoustic Enclosures who can guide you through this process. #ChoosingEnclosures

Maintenance and Life Span of Modular Acoustic Enclosures

With proper maintenance, modular acoustic enclosures can have a long operational life, even exceeding 15 years if required. Their design allows for the easy replacement of individual acoustic panels if they get damaged, further extending their lifespan and ensuring a "sound return on investment". #Maintenance #Longevity


In conclusion, modular acoustic enclosures play a pivotal role in industrial noise control. They offer a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of each situation. At ARK Noise Control, we specialize in providing high-quality, customized modular acoustic enclosures. We invite you to reach out to us for expert guidance and innovative solutions for all your industrial noise control needs. #ARKNoiseControl #AcousticSolutions

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